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Real Estate Intelligence Report 2022

  • Blockchain technology offers tremendous benefits to capital markets through enforcing automation of sensitive data, allowing software to act as a swift and consistent arbiter between dozens of fragmented parties throughout the financial system. Security tokens, digital assets, digital asset securities - or whichever terminology you may prefer - offer inclusion and liquidity across asset classes that have never before been possible.


    In employing consistent compliance standards across industries, jurisdictions, and investors types, these technological developments will empower all economies of the world to participate collaboratively in our collective financial ecosystem, which has become increasingly connected throughout the digital revolution of the 21st century.


    Security Token Market is pleased to present a comprehensive analysis of the tokenized real estate market. Featuring a detailed primary market breakdown by Peter Gaffney and astute secondary trading analysis by Aneesh Shinkre, we believe this monthly report will represent an in-depth scope of the market size for the real estate sector. Ranging from billion dollar commercial properties to single-family Section 8 homes trading for $50/share on the international market, the real estate sector proves to be one of the most compelling use cases for tokenization, allowing asset owners to explore complex liquidity structures and providing investors globally with access to one of the most successful investments available, 24/7.


    As a company, Security Token Market leverages the highest quality of data for our reports. Tracking hundreds of tokens across dozens of markets around the world, we strive to be the industry standard in monitoring compliant tokenized asset investments. For more information on our platform, please visit STM.Co.

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